I've synthesized the theories and methodologies of psychotherapy with spiritual and religious expressions from all over the world. I'm one of the most seasoned, informed, and highest-rated therapists in California. A lot has gone into making me the person I am today with all my experiences, education (autodidactic included), lives lived, exploration, integration, and expertise, many of which come from my own trailblazing work in those fields and communities.

I've been helping people heal for 30 years, so whatever it is you're facing, whatever your beliefs, political views, ethnicity, gender, age, religion, worldview, sexuality, past history, crises, or dilemmas, I can help. I offer my unconditional and all-encompassing acceptance, and I am more than ready to help you move forward in your life.

Everyone deserves a compassionate space to express your deepest, most personal thoughts to help you navigate this world.

Below are some of my areas of expertise, but it is definitely not exhaustive. All of these blend into each other, and every being is made of countless facets and components. If what you're needing to talk about isn't listed, email me, and I'll probably know something about it, or direct you to where you might find what you're needing.