Ideas for Future Blog Entries

In this blog, I will post brief thoughts about a variety of topics, some suggested, some from my own experiences, and some from current trends. They will range from silly, practical, to thought-provoking. Help add to this list of potential topics for blog entries.

  • Letters of recommendation for surgery: My approach and philosophy
  • Letters for Emotional Support Animals (ESA)
  • Eclectic, syncretic spirituality
  • How to approach insurmountable obstacles
  • Severe depression and the illusion of hope and hopelessness
  • Death: What is your relationship with death?
  • Transitions and Death: Saying goodbye to the old (the good, bad, both, and neutral) and saying hello to the new
  • Meditation
  • Inhabiting the Body: Dysmorphia, ED, perceived and internal gender, presentation, disability, chronic illness, size, height, shape, skin color, aging, youth, body modification
  • Wisdom figures, nurturing figures, protective figures
  • Platonic ideal in a pragmatic world
  • Certainty vs uncertainty. “Where did my life go? When will it begin? I thought I’d be going down a different path. What happened?”
  • Letting go: Ideas from childhood as fantasies and poor ways to frame reality 
  • Defining success
  • Navigating career and profession; social mobility; adjusting to changes in personal life, professional life, residence, and standard of living
  • Strategies for self-care, big and small during depression, anxiety, panic attacks, dissociation, struggles of all sorts